Feedback & Reviews

It was a very good experience to be a part of URISE Sampoorna yoga program. The program conducted in the span of 15 days helped us in various ways. Right from Omkara to Pranayama everything was structured and organised, thus helping me get adopted to the way of program.

In the spam of just few days I’m able to see various developments within myself in terms of calmness, memory, way of work and the way I respond to the consequences in everyday life.

Also I am able to be more focused on the plans goals I have. In overall perspective the program has been really helpful in my day to day life. Thank you very much Guruji for all the calmness and teachings you have imbibed in us. Thank you very much .

Jeevan Perakam

Guruji is a amazing person. As a yoga guru, he has given complete knowledge about what is yoga. Sampoorna yoga is a best yoga form which has given me better clarity of mind and stress free life. After practising these techniques I have seen changes in my mind. Almost I feel fine now. From this class I learnt few techniques through which I am living a trouble free life. I got better quality of life. Thank you very much Gurudev for giving me my strength back.


I felt very nice about this class. It is really wonderful. I felt it very worthy for me. I really feel happy, relieved and light after this class. I really liked all the mediations and yogas, pranayama. Totally this class was very worthy. The experience was really different and it was like a new birth here.

Thank you very much Guruji. 


I had a very good experience at URISEWELLNESS. I came here as an ordinary person and going as an extra ordinary person. I have learnt many things in this class. Such as how to maintain our health, how to select our goal and reach it, through meditation you have taken us to a dreaming world. I thank you for teaching us such a good class and special thanks to Guruji for being such a amazing guru. 


Sampoorna yoga was an amazing experience. It thought us many basic needs such as concentration. I learnt some powerful and important methods which helps us to improve our memory power, immunity and health in total. Meditation made me feel totally refreshed like a new and active plant. In all it was a very interesting experience. Thank you Guruji. URISE GURUDEV. 


I really got a wonderful opportunity to attend this class. You thought us how to control our mind and body by ourselves. Made us realise our actual capabilities. It was really helpful I got rejuvenated to start up my life with a new energy. Thank you sir. 


In the beginning I just came with a small expectation of only loosing my weight, but after attending your class I learnt that yoga is not only meant for loosing weight but I gained the Devine experience ,confidence , a perfect or correct vocabulary of spirituality. Many other health problems which I was facing like my menstrual issues and over reacting to the situations are been solved, I stay more peaceful and more healthier now. Thank you URISEWELLNESS for making me feel proud on my decision to choose your class over other yoga classes in the city.


Harshitha Ramachandra

I attended your class in starting with lot of distractions and mood diversions. Later on in class your words attracted me to concentrate.I learnt how to become ‘Nothing to anything’. Gained difference between knowledge and acquired knowledge. Thank you sir for making our lives easy to live. 

Syed Taufiq

I really felt happy about your class sir. It was very interesting and inspiring. I used to take most of the moments negatively i always felt being degraded,I never realised I too had some power within me. But after your class I realised what I am. Thank you so much sir for all your teachings and blessings. 


I feel very proud of being a part of URISEWELLNESS. I learnt many topics in the class which were very necessary to lead a worth full life. The most wonderful experience was doing mediation which bought lots of peacefulness. Sir you were friendly and comfortable which made the interactions very easy. I really understood the meaning, use, value and how to make the proper use of time. I just thank you for teaching us such good topics in our life. 



I had a grid experience in the class. Energy flow was very good.It helped me to attain certain level, I, came out of my past and could make my mind little calm. All the meditation and exercises are good. Thank you. Very much for raising the confidence in me. 


Sharada Srinivasan