About Urise Wellness

Thank you for taking time to discover why we are so passionate about the school and excited about the times we are living in right now.
URISE is a movement ( Universal Realization Of Inner Strength Expansion)to restore and rediscover the wisdom within ourselves to establish holistic wellbeing i.e everlasting peace , happiness, health , and harmony in our life and to create a life which we desire. Elusion goes high in our life detaching yourself from our own consciousness and puts us in dark without answers in so many day to day life leading to physical and mental ailments creating a blockage for our success , to overcome these situations it needs a higher solution than problem. Our wish is every individual should have at least ONE DROP OF SPIRITUALITY to overcome our own created conflicts .

We as humans are in deep illusion and have separated ourselves from the nature and finds life very difficult when we meet any chaos . 

“Life is complete when every moment is celebrated”

Our Mission

Better individual better planet.

A little about our school:

We are a non-religious school that combines spiritual practices , culturing the body and mind as a foundation to explore the wisdom and the mechanics of consciousness through the teachings from many masters of the ancient times. We have been in service since 2008. The Centre for Transformation is committed to raise the consciousness of the planet, one individual at a time. We appeal to those who want to increase their own consciousness, people who want to make responsible choices and are prepared to go ‘within’, to find their own answers. Participants are taught the benefits of spiritual tools like inner mechanics , yoga and deep meditation to produce peace and health to enhance focus thereby being able to create a life they truly desire. We are a growing community of non-religious, like-minded individuals, conscious of our spiritual evolution, learning to live authentic, empowering and fulfilling lives. Our participants get to learn how to complete their incomplete past so that they are not controlled by any fear, guilt, sorrow, anger, stress or shame.


We assist participants in realizing who they truly are and why they came to this planet.

The Real Truth

As a race, we are undergoing a super shift in our human evolutionary consciousness. What is the truth of this new reality? There are so many “truths” which are very confusing. Why dont the old ways of doing things not work anymore? Many souls are now searching for the highest truth to make sense of it all. Are you one of those who “just knows” that there is a higher level of truth out there? Do you just “know” that there is more than the “busy-ness” of life? Truth can give you more clarity and a higher return on your energy if you know how to aligne yourself with it and focus on it. Consciousness is the study of becoming
more aware of one’s Self. The Mechanics of Consciousness is the study of how we, as humans, actually function from imagination to actualizing our realities, in the illusion, intentionally. If you are interested in finding out what is truly going on – with yourself, the planet, and the universe right now or why so many people are in anxiety or in deep peace, you would probably find our school very interesting.


Being in nature is an extremely important part of how we accelerate, what we learn in the classrooms. We hold regular courses throughout the year. We do this because as a participant, you learn to turn the philosophy that is taught in classes into an experience and the experience is truth. These retreats offer initiations that catapult your evolution and accelerate your learning process in the classroom. These retreats also ensure breakthroughs. By practicing the spiritual energy.

All Masters of Consciousness (Self-Actualized Beings) have transitioned through four stages:

  • They have been Unconscious of being Unconscious,
  • They have been Conscious of being Unconscious,
  • They have been Conscious of being Conscious,
  • And finally, they BECOME Unconscious about really being Conscious.

Which level are you in right now ?

The Wisdom of the Ancients is living wisdom that resides eternally outside the bounds of time, yet exists simultaneously within you…The Wisdom of the Ages would be honored to introduce you to your true SELF. Remember things need not have to be the way they are in your life…until they haven’t. Your time is here and now. Let’s connect. Call or Email us. We would love to hear from You.